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What it Takes for a Family Business to be Successful

Want a concise rundown of what it takes to be a successful family business?  As a family business consultant and speaker who helps to create solutions for the unique challenges faced by family business, I’ve created a quick list of items that are necessary for success. Alignment – Owners should discuss all critical issues so […]

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Social Support – Your Greatest Asset in Family Business

#5 of a series – More about the Happiness Advantage Positive relationships in the family business are a factor in both success of the business and level of satisfaction at work.  And strong social relationships affect all parts of life… not just business. Psychologist Shawn Achor cited in his study, appropriately titled “Very Happy People,” […]

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Families Who Learn Together Stay (in Business) Together

Dialogue and interaction among family members is vital to the success of a family business. Think of any relationship you might have. That relationship has a “bank” into which you must make deposits, so when the time comes and there is a stress in the relationship, you have a reserve in your account upon which […]

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The Glue that Holds Families & Businesses Together

Do you ever wonder what it is that holds your family and your family business together? Some years ago I did an analysis of the family enterprises with whom I had worked as a consultant. The idea occurred to me that in every occupation, whatever it might be, there was a profile of successful behaviors […]

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Well-Defined Interpersonal Boundaries – The 10th Key to Success in Family Business

Perhaps the most common problem in family business relationships occurs when there is a conflict between two family members, and one or both then involve a third family member, saying something like, “Do you know what Charles did to me?” The third person should resist getting caught in the middle. If this happens to you, […]

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Privacy – The 9th Key to Success in Family Business

Families in business are notorious for their togetherness. But it’s essential to respect one another’s individual privacy, as well as the privacy of each family unit within your extended family. If one family member steps over the line in asking you about personal concerns, it’s OK to say, “That’s a private matter.” Remembering this, and […]

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Assisting & Supporting One Another – The 8th Key to Success in Family Business

Family members who stay connected assist and support one another, especially during times of grief, loss, pain and shame. Even if you don’t like something a family member has done, you can still be supportive of that person. Families that run from the family member who’s having trouble don’t stay together. *This is the ninth […]

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Mutual Respect – The 7th Key to Success in Family Business

If you don’t have mutual respect for someone, you can’t do business together. This is a simple and ironclad rule. Mutual respect is built on the trust that comes from knowing you can depend on other family members, and they can depend of you. *This is the eighth post in a series of 11 on […]

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Genuine Caring – The 6th Key to Success in Family Business

Genuine caring means openly expressing feelings of concern for other family members. One way to let others know you care is to give them your undivided attention from time to time. That’s the best gift you can give to a family member. Taking time to write a postcard, give a family member a call or […]

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Maintaining Relationships – The 5th Key to Success in Family Business

You can’t talk about business all the time. Essentially, families that play together stay together. Taking time to have fun together is like putting money into the bank in terms of your relationships with family members. When times are tough, you can draw on the currency. The enjoyable times can help family members sustain their […]

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