“Bork's focus is helping owners manage  their families, not their businesses.”
–Bülent Eczacibasi, Eczacibasi Holding

David Bork is an international family business consultant and advisor with a proven record of providing solutions to the many challenges of running a family business. During more than four decades of consulting, Bork has resolved many difficult issues facing family businesses. He has helped over 400 businesses to create growth and success, and to generate wealth… without killing one another in the process.

Getting the job done isn’t always easy, but Bork’s keen insights and understanding of complex cultural, business and family matters, coupled with his very direct style and manner, contribute to the high marks he receives from his clients and industry professionals.

David Bork, Family Business Consultant


  • Creation of family contracts – A family constitution contains the ground rules for interaction, sets the goals and defines the conditions for how things will be done. It contains a methodology for resolution of differences. It defines the conditions of the interface between the family and the business. David urges businesses to make a family constitution before they need one!

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creation of Shareholder Agreements
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Help with improving the quality of relationships between family members

David helps families to remove the barriers to success of the business and success of the family. Family members will experience increased satisfaction from working together in the family business.

Based on what he learned in his first 20 years of consulting with myriad families in business, David compiled a list of common traits possessed by his most successful clients. The 10 Keys to Success in Family Business is a list of the most important attributes families in business must have to be successful.

This list was developed based on what David saw as “successful” in family enterprise. It characterizes the families that remain “positively connected” in an economically viable business. It has been used as a template and workable set of criteria against which families can measure themselves.

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